Kids Club

Kids Club

Our Kid’s Club has been running now for seven years and meets on Saturday mornings at Nevis Range from Springtime until December ( school holidays excluded). Groups are organised into levels of ability and go on 2 hour coach led rides around the Nevis Range trails.¬†

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Improving bike handling skills - important!

Improving fitness levels -important!

Improving bike maintenance skills - important!

Socialising in groups of like minded riders - important!

Race preparation - important!

Learning about trail etiquette and trail maintenance - important!

Having fun on bikes - ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL!

  • All of the coaches leading our sessions are volunteers. Any payments made for sessions go towards buying various important items such as spare inner tubes, first aid kits and (perhaps most importantly) the odd coffee for coaches!
  • All of our coaches have recognised guiding qualifications from the Scottish Mountain Bike Leader Association. Some coaches also have Scottish Cycling coaching qualifications. They also hold valid first aid certificates and are PVG checked and have undergone child protection training.
  • Most ( but by no means all!) of our coaches are the parents of children taking part in the club. We are always keen to get more parents qualified as coaches. If this is of interest to you then please get in touch. Generally, the club will pay for any courses that you need to do- all you need to volunteer is your time!..
  • Parents are very much encouraged to get involved in running the club. Either going out with groups or helping out in a non cycling capacity such as keeping a register of attendees or being a central point of contact in the cafe. Please ask how you can best help out!
  • All participants must be members of the West Highland Wheelers and parents must have completed a parental consent form and informed key organisers of any medical conditions/allergies that their child has. This information will be shared on a need to know basis.
  • Parents/guardians must be easily contactable and able to collect their child at any time during a session if need be.
  • Children need to be wearing a properly fitting helmet ( less than three years old), full fingered gloves and appropriate legwear ( i.e. nothing baggy that might catch in a chain!). We recommend that children wear glassses or goggles to protect their eyes from branches/mud etc.We encourage children to come along with a small snack and drink to have during the session.
  • Bike checks will be done before each session, but to help things go more smoothly it is important that children and parents are confident that¬† bikes are working well on arrival. Properly functioning brakes, pumped up tyres and no metal showing at the end of the handlebars are essential things to have checked.

What is the youngest age that my child can take part?

Kids are able to take part from P3 onwards.It is possible to put your child on the waiting list from P2 onwards.

What is an appropriate bike for my child?

One that is the correct size and in good functioning order. All of our coaches are quite happy to give advice about this as are both of the local bike shops.

Can I hire a bike for the sessions?

Both Nevis Cycles and Off Beat Bikes have bikes to hire.If need be, we can also use Active School's bikes for a small charge.

Do parents/guardians need to stay at Nevis Range for the whole sessions?

It is important that parents/guardians are easily contactable and available to pick up children at any time during a session.

Where is the best place to get a new bike for my child?

Off Beat Bikes and Nevis Cycles are your obvious first stops for buying bikes. The club also holds an annual bike sale every year (normally in November) which is a great opportunity to grab a bargain.

Kids Club Comitteee

  • Claire Abernethy
  • Paul Bamber
  • Doug Little
  • Gregor Muir
  • Nikki Grieve
  • Robbie Belshaw