Nevis Range NEW blue green trails

The proposal

Click on images of proposed trails to see larger versions.

Nevis Range are making progress in getting funding to add to the cross country trails in Leanachan by building some lower ability trails which will be family friendly.  They should be fun for better riders to use as well with some alternative lines providing an introduction to some easy orange features.  (Orange features are rated with 1, 2 or 3 spots.  The downhill and 4X are '3 spot' but on the new trails they will be '1 spot'.)  Otherwise the trails will be rated green or blue. 
The first phase is a new blue and a new green coming down from the forest road which goes up to Tower 8 and the 'Scotland's perfect stage' wall ride.  There will also be an easier line of dirt jumps under the gondola line offering riders who are not world cup standard a chance to get some air (or simply roll something not quite so terrifying).
The second picture shows a further phase with a green 'up' trail leading to the start of the new Green and blue and to the puggy line. Then into the future an extension to the blue.
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