Time Trials

Loch Eil Time Trial 01/08/23

A small but high quality turn out! Many thanks to Sam Potter for organising and to Bronagh Wishart for manning the turn and sorting out signs. The next race is the Commando Memorial on the 22nd of July.


1.Alastair Maclennan 25:15

2.Henry Cairns 26.58

3. Kira Macdonald 28.19

4. Andy Rogers 29.33

Time Trials


Time Trial Loch Leven results. 11/07/23

A different course to the usual due to the south side being blocked by landslips. So out and back along the north road.

Big thanks to Emma Pearce for organising/ time keeping and to Jess Aitchison for marshalling the turn and collecting the signs.

1. James Tedham. 47: 30

2. Henry Cairns. 50.46

3. Sam Potter 53.17 1st woman

4. John Shirley 53.55

5. Oli Warlow. 55.51 (punctured)

6. Bronagh Wishart. 56.07

7. Andy Rogers. 61:46

8. Chris Andrews. 64.47 (gears not working, gravel bike & flat pedals)

9. Gill Barnes 65.02

10 Emma Pearce 74:11

Time Trials



1st Gary MacDonald. 37:22

2nd James Livingston. 37:24

3rd Alastair Maclennan. 39:24

4th Oli Warlow. 39:42

5th Ruari Watt. 40:34

6th Spook Munro 41:55

7th Henry Cairns. 42:11

8th John Shirley. 43:16

9th Colin Mactavish. 43:27

10th Andy Rodger’s. 48:24

11th Sheila Morris. 49:42

Well done to Nathan for doing such a great job organising his first time trial, to Chris for timekeeper support and Emma for being half way marker.The next race is Loch Leven on the 11th of July.



Time Trials


Many thanks to Vince for adding a different route to the Time Trial schedule. Well done to James Tedham for posting the fastest time on the 20 mile course in scorching Invergarry! By all accounts a tough course! Thank’s to Sile for doing the timekeeping and to Sam’s dad for helping out. The next race is at Laggan Dam on the 20th of June.

Invergarry 20 mile TT Results

1st – James Tedham 57’07”

2nd – Alastair Mclennan57’34”

3rd – Jamie Maxwell 57’48”

4th – Dave Buckett 1hr00’57”

5th – David ‘Spook’ Munro 1hr02’07”

6th – Sam Potter 1hr02’11”

7th – Henry Cairns 1hr03’01”

8th – Andy Rodgers 1hr19’15”

Time Trials

Loch Eil 10 Time trial 09/05/23

Many thanks to Andy for organising the second of this year’s Time Trials. Other than the localised monsoon over Doug at the turning point it was a generally pleasant evening weather wise. Congratulations to Alastair for taking the win two days after his victory at Nevis Range in the BDS! The next race is being run by Vince at Invergarry on the 30th of May.

Time Trials

commando Memorial time trial 18/04/23

Congrats to everyone at the commando memorial time trial tonight.

What stunning weather we had.

Nice to see some new and old faces out.

Thanks to Mary as turn-point marshall, and Lyn assisting Emma with timing, and photos.

1st Alistair MacLennan. 47:57

2nd Jamie Maxwell. 48:58

3rd Oli Warlaw. 50:31

4th James Tedham 50:58

5th Jamie Gall 51:26

6th Ewan Wilson 52:00

7th Colin MacTavish 54:52

8th Es Tresidder. 55:03

9th Kai Frost. 56:00

10th Sam Potter 57.00

11th Steve Gilbert 57:59

12th Gregor Muir 58.02

13th Kira MacDonald 59.52

14th Andy Rogers. 64:00

Next TT Loch Eil 10, May 9th.

Time Trials

Commando Memorial TIME TRIAL 16/08/22

Well done to the small but quality group of riders at the last of this season’s time trials. Cammie once again stormed to victory!Thanks to Emma, Al and Doug for marshalling and timekeeping + a huge thanks to everyone who has helped out over the series.


  1. Cammie Mackintosh 46.59
  2. Dan Missen 55.40
  3. Mairi Meldrum 56.34
  4. Andy Rogers 1.04.24
  5. Gill Barnes 1.05.49
Time Trials

Loch Eil 10 Time trial 26/07/22

A slight change of course for this race due to roadworks at Outward Bound. Cammie measured the altered course at 10.4 miles. Many thanks to Dave and Ferg for making the change and marshalling and to Emma for doing the timing.


1. Cammy Macintosh 24:39:26
2. Alistair MacLennan 26:54:94
3. James Tedham 27:34:86
4. Ed Danes. 28:24:35
5. Mairi Meldrum 28:34:86
6. Vince Macintosh 31:31:60
7. Geraldine Springitt 31::58:81
8. Andy Rogers 33:06:60
9. Jim Stewart 39:04:70 (good to see you back)



Time Trials

Loch Leven time Trial 05/07/22


  1. Cammie Macintosh 40.23
  2. Ed Daynes 44.28
  3. James Tedham 45.49
  4. Marie Meldrum 47.05
  5. Geraldine Springett 55.50
  6. Andy Rogers 55.56
  7. Jess Aicheson 56.28
  8. Emma Pearce 60.31
  9. Gill Barnes 60.36

Many thanks to Gill and Emma for doing the timing and to Dave and Alastair for putting out the signs and marshalling.