Time Trials

2nd gravel/mtb time trial – cour loop 21/05/24

Great gravel rides tonight on the clockwise Cour loop.

1st Donald Patterson 47.44

2nd Aaron Tressider 50.51

3rd Gregor Muir 52.19

4th Colin MacTavish 55.13 despite a detour to the Spean circular loop due to a wrongly construed arrow on a very fast junction.

5th Emma Pearce 72.23

Many thanks to John Shirley for organising. The next time trial is Laggan Dam on 28/05/24

Time Trials

2nd time trial – Loch eil 10 07/05/24

Results from tonights TT – Loch Eil 10. Apologies for any misspelling. Some close times! Another great turnout on a lovely evening. Many thanks to Andy for organising. Next time trial is Laggan Dam on 28/05/24.

1.Robin Downey 23:03

2. Donald Paterson 23:12

3. Dave Buckett 25:15

4. Alastair Maclennan 25:27

5. Ian Pooleman 26:31

6. Tom Pearson-Collins 26:35

7. Ed Daynes 26:42

8. Jamie Gall 26:56

9. Brian O’Rourke 27:00

10. Henry Cairns 27:18

11. Colin Mactavish 27:59

12. Mairi Meldrum 28:02

13. Fos 29:50

14. Ailsa Pooleman 30:07

15. Kathryn Marley 30:12

16. Olivia Macrae 30:19

17. Ryan Stewart 31:09

18. Nix 31:11

19. Steve Essex 31:18

20. Steve Gilbert DNF – punctured.

Time Trials

fantastic results for club members at the World cup

What a weekend of racing at Nevis Range. Things started off well on Saturday with Lily Cant Mia Jackson and Isla Cant putting wheelers on the top step of the podium in all 3 female categories in the mini downhill. Charley and Archie Kennedy, Liam Vance, Archie Rodger and Kian Springett all put in great performances as well. In the main races Mikayla Parton qualified 5th in the elite semi finals to earn a well deserved place in Sundays final, Daniel Parfitt had an amazing run to finish 1st in the junior qualifiers to secure his place in Sundays final and Sorley Swabey had a great run, just missing out on a place in the finals with a 29th place in his first ever World Cup.

Things only got better on the Sunday with Daniel holding his nerve and putting in an amazing run to finish 3rd in the Junior race. A great result for all of the hard work and dedication that he has put in to get to this stage. Mikayla also had a great race to finish 9th in the Elite Women.

Time Trials

Gravel/mtb Time trial 30/04/24

Time Trial Gravel and Mt bike results.

What a great turn out for our first summer venture into this sort of event.

Thanks everyone for the great riding and healthy competition. A big thanks to Emma for getting it up and running

Thanks to Alice for timing.

1. Donald Paterson 38.45

2. Ed Danes 43.14

3. Ian Pooleman 43.27

4. Jamie Gall 44.05

5. Ben Dodman 44.17

6. Gregor Muir 46.20.

7. Aaron Tressider 46.32

8. Charles Truman 46.33

9. Lily Can’t 46.57

10. Colin Mactavish Snr 47.15

11. Spook Munro 47.30

12. Robbie Can’t 47.55

13. Fiona Tinnion 48.28

14. Jane Hughes 48.59

15. Nathan Marsh 49.11

16. Ailsa Pooleman 51.40

17. Colin Mactavish Jnr 52.50

18. Nix Forster 54.02

19. Anna Harrod 54.44

20. Donald MacPherson 57.06

21. Gill Barnes 1.00.06

22. Jenny Beattie 1.10.57

John Shirley time ?

Pete Wilson dnf (puncture and safely home now)

Next TT

Loch Eil 10 (Road) Tues 7th May (Andy)

Gravel/Mt bike 21st May (we need an organiser).

Kid's Club


It was a lovely sunny morning for the first kid’s club session of the year. Great to see over 50 kid’s out and about on the trails at Nevis Range having a blast. Great also to see a good number of the newly designed club tops proudly being worn.

Time Trials

first time trial of the year -commando memorial 16/04/24

Commando Time Trial results

What a fantastic turn out tonight for our 1st TT of the season – 20 riders – and a great atmosphere!

Thanks to Dan, for the timing, and to Iain and Ailsa as ‘turnaround’ marshals.


  1. Robin Downey 43.47
  2. Donald Paterson 46.45
  3. Alistair MacLennan 49.31
  4. Oli Wardlaw 52.07
  5. Iona Hamilton 52.25
  6. Ruaridh Oliver-Jones 52.50
  7. Ben Thompson 52.54
  8. Dave Smith 53.06
  9. Spook Munro 53.23
  10. Gregor Muir 54.51
  11. Sam Potter 54.52
  12. Pete Wilson 56.33
  13. Foss 57.50
  14. Bronagh Wishart 58.30
  15. Steve Gilbert 59.40
  16. Nix Forster 61.09
  17. Olivia Macrae 61.25
  18. Gill Barnes 64.04
  19. Andy Rogers 64.12
  20. Non Williams 67.32

Next TT is gravel bike/off road Leanachan loop April 30th, and Road Bike TT May 7 Locheil 10.

Winter League


Thanks to Mark Clark for organising a great race for the final winter league and thanks to everyone for coming along be it to race, help out, provide a taxi service for kids or cheer folk round the course.

The kids race created a great finish to the league in the under 10s with Harris Thompson taking the win with Alistair Cant close behind throughout in 2nd place. This meant that the overall league title was shared 3 ways between Kai Tresidder, Harris and Alistair, well done boys, great racing throughout the league series this year. In U12s Kaiden Springett took the win and overall u12 league winner. Big well done to 3 year old Inga giving the race a go on her balance bike too.

In the main race Stewart MacMillan (on his ebike) was the only person to manage 9 laps taking victory and winning the ebike category in the league, Liam Moynihan, with 8 laps, was the fastest non ebike and 2nd place overall, the win placing him 1st in the series. Lily Cant held her dad Robbie off throughout the race to finish 8th overall and 1st female, taking the league series title. Robbie held on for 9th place which was enough to give him joint 3rd in the series with James Shirley (4th overall today and 2nd non ebike) (Ben Miller was 5th overall today/ 3rd non ebike and placed 2nd in the league series) Isla Cant took 2nd female… great to see junior girls racing in the main race and and Katy Maclennan took 3rd female giving her 2nd place in the series overall.


1 Stewart MacMillan 9 00:44:40 1st e bike
2 Liam Moynihan 8 00:40:53 1st male
3 Lance Marshall 8 00:41:48 2nd e bike
4 James Shirley 8 00:43:23 2nd male
5 Doug Little 8 00:44:45 3rd e bike
6 Ben Miller 7 00:44:28 3rd male
7 Ben Thompson 7 00:45:30 4th male
8 Lily Cant 6 00:40:07 1st female (junior)
9 Robbie Cant 6 00:40:19 5th male
10 Gregor Muir 6 00:43:04 6th male
11 Isla Cant 6 0:43:19 2nd female (junior)
12 Damien Forster 6 00:44:22 7th male
13 Zeemon Erhardt6 0:46:27 8th male
14 Nix Forster 6 00:47:40 3rd female
15 Katy Maclennan 5 0:41:41 4th female
16 Andy Rogers 5 0:41:02 9th male
17 Henry Cairns 5 0:42:24 10th male
18 Fiona Thompson 5 0:43:27 5th female
19 Bronagh Wishart5 0:46:42 6th female
20 Gill Barnes 5 00:47:26 7th female
21 Marian Austin 4 00:42:14 8th female

Winter League

Winter league round 6- Strontian 24/03/24


A big thanks to the Bungey family for putting on such a great race at Strontian. Some great weather and fantastic racing from everyone.


A hard fought battle all the way to the line for 2nd and 3rd places.

13.53 Kai

14.53 Harris

15.00 Alistair

17.35 Kaiden


I hope these are all correct. Do contact me with any errors (I think there is one in there) and I’ll correct them.

Some close racing that saw lap positions change quite frequently and a few sprint finishes that changed final positions.

7 – 1.03.50 Ben Miller 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

7 – 1.06.09 Doug Little (eBike) 4-4-2-2-2-2-2

7 – 1.06.31 Alastair Maclennan 2-3-3-4-3-3-3

7 – 1.06.59 Ben Thompson 3-2-2-3-4-4-4

6 – 1.01.36 Alexander Pervan 5-5-5-5-5-5

6 – 1.01.45 Aaron 6-6-6-6-6-6

6 – 1.03.01 Gregor Muir 7-7-7-7-7-7

6 – 1.05.54 Lily Cant 9-9-10-10-10-10

6 – 1.06.03 Nathan Marsh 8-8-8-8-8-9

6 – 1.06.10 Zeeman Ealand 11-11-9-9-9-8

6 – 1.08.01 Robbie Cant 10-10-11-11-11-11

6 – 1.12.34 Katie Maclennan 12-12-12-12-12-12

5 – 1.02.46 Ivan Doherty 13-13-13-13-13

5 – 1.05.54 Ava Marsh 14-14-14-14-14

5 – 1.07.59 Isla Cant 15-15-15-15-15

5 – 1.08.00 Charlotte Cant 17-16-17-16-16

5 – 1.09.35 Gill Barnes 16-17-16-17-17

3 – 53.14 Laura McConnachie 19-18-18

2 – 37.41 Cohen McConnachie 18-19

Thanks also to Jacqui, Doug, Mairi, Laura and Cameron for marshalling/lap counting/course marking/hot drinks/etc.

The next race is the final one of this year’s Winter League and will be held at Mark Clark’s croft in Glen Loy on Sunday the 14th of April. It will be followed by a BBQ and the prizegiving.

Committee Minutes

Committee Meeting minutes 29/02/2024


WHW committee meeting Thurs 29th Feb @ 1930:

  1. Present:
  2. Steve Bradley (SB), Marian Austin (MA), Claire AK (CAK), Norman Clark (NC), Karl Bungey (KB), Mark Clark (MC), Henry Cairns (HC), Sam Potter (SP), Gregor Muir (GM), Amanda Watson (AW), Jacqui Parfitt (JP) and Dave Parfitt (DP).


  • Doug Little (DL) and Gill Barnes (GB).
  • Minutes of last meeting / actions:

Mini DH 23rd March (AW):

  • 45 riders booked (so far).
  • Timing cost £384.
  • 2 Commissaires (AW + 1).
  • Nevis Range to provide 2 x First Aiders £350.
  • SB said we could source tape from Frazer Coupland.
  • Helpers needed on 22nd March to help tape course.
  • HC to post on Socials asking for Marshalls.

Winter League / TTs (MA):

  • Wolftrax Sun 3rd March (no café).
  • Strontian (Ariundle) 24th March.
  • MC’s Croft 7th April + BBQ, CAK to source meat.
  • Emma Pearce happy to facilitate TTs plus try 1 x CX race (venue tbc).

Wednesday Nights (MA):

  • Look at other venues once we have more daylight, potentially Duror where winter league race was held.

Distillery Access (MA):

  • JP to put email around WHWs regarding access (Bridget Thomas).

L1 / L2 Training & Assessment (DP/CAK):

  • Only 1 candidate confirmed they could attend the date given by Cyclewild for L2 assessment therefore it won’t run.
  • Anyone needing to be assessed (or trained) can find a suitable ‘open’ course. WHW will fund if being done for the club.
  • MC running a L2 training, has space for 1 more on course.
  • KB keen to go through the British Cycling Coaching scheme, again WHW will help fund if awards are being used for the club.

Mountain Festival (DP):

  • Thanks to HC and CAK for flyers, etc.

New Jerseys (CAK):

  • (Fortan) Jersey ‘A’ chosen as design (vote taken by committee), CAK to proceed.

Adult Coaching Sessions (DP):

  • Antoine (Nevis Range Bike School) wanted to let the club know that he was keen to run more adult sessions as per last year. Feedback from the members who had participated was very good. There will potentially be a WHW discount for these sessions.
  • Thanks to MC for running the free coaching sessions which were well attended (20+ kids). Those who took had a great time and gained valuable skills.
  • MC wished to remind the club that Alba Mountain Biking very kindly offers a 20% discount for members.

Trail Names (JP):

  • Enquiry to the club about naming trails. This isn’t in the club remit and the member was referred to the LTA / Trailforks. FLS policy is that ‘unofficial trails’ aren’t named. JP replied to member with relevant information.

Bank Balance (DP):

  • £8296.64 (thanks to GB for dropping off the information)


  • We’ve had a kind offer for free club stickers and will get some printed (WHW logo) to see if popular. JP
  • Rock up and Ride keen to work with the club again CAK happy to proceed as per last year.
  • KB looking to set up a First Aid course (Strontian), will let the club know as members would be welcome to book if there are spaces.
  • NC kindly volunteered to set up the ‘user group’ for the pumptrack.
  • WHW to fund a BMX coach for the ‘BMX Bowl’. GM/JP

Date for next meeting:

  • Tues 21st May.
Winter League

Winter league round 5 – wolftrax 03/02/24

Well done to everyone who came to todays winter league at wolftrax,

5 kids battled it out in the kids race with a climb to the top of the orange then up the new blue climb and down the blue descent to finish, finishing in the following order:- Kai Tresidder (1st U10), Alistair Cant (2nd U10) Harris Thompson (3rd U10), Kaiden Springett (1st U12) and Kai McBride (4th U10)

Next up the main race had 3 big climbs taking in the upper red, lower red and new blue. It was great to see Alastair Maclennan back out racing again, coming in a very respectable 8th on his 1st ride out on the mountain bike for a few months.

Fantastic racing from the juniors with Aaron Tresidder not letting his crash stop him from coming in in 5th place, thanks to Aileen Marsh and Donald Paterson for checking him over and cleaning up the cuts at the finish. In the females it was junior rider Lily Cant who took the win.

See attached spreadsheet for full results

A huge thanks to Jacqui Parfitt for doing the timing and providing much needed refreshments at the end. Thanks to Lance Marshall and Doug Little for all their organisation and course marking, to James Shirley for bringing more freebies along, to Steve Bradley and Lindsay Carruthers for some great photos and Wolf Trax, Laggan, Scotland for letting us run the race and opening up the toilets for us.

Next race is Strontian on 25th March


wolftrax 2024.xlsx


wolftrax 2024.xlsx