Fort to Fort 31/10/21

Well done to all the 34 riders who took part in Sunday’s Fort to Fort. Fair to say that conditions were fairly damp but there was a slight breeze behind ( or at least to the side). Well done to Gary for winning by a good 7 minutes ( Cammie is gradually getting closer though!). Great to see some new faces ( and some old faces!) doing the event. A special mention has to go to Lindsay Jarrett who became the first person to do the race carrying an oxygen tank. A huge thank you to Jacqui for doing the timing and providing much needed refreshments at the end ( ably assisted by Rachel of course). Thanks also to Alan, Norma, Lance, Amy, Ewen and Vince for marshalling – we couldn’t do the event without you guys helping! 


Gary MacDonald 01:39:26
Cammy Mackintosh 01:46:45
Aidan Webster 01:51:09
Jamie Gall 01:51:44
sam Daynes 01:52:32
Iain Pooleman 01:56:53
Marie Meldrum 01:57:17
Tim Brand 02:00:02
Damien Forster 02:01:01
Gregor Muir 02:04:34
Ailsa Pooleman 02:16:04
Graham Macnab 02:18:11
Mike Webster 02:21:53
Nix Forster 02:21:54
Aaron Tresidder 02:24:24
Es Tresidderr 02:24:27
Emma Hebborn 02:35:59
Andy Rodgers 02:43:34
Gill Barnes 02:45:10
Emma Pearce 02:46:41
Lindsay Jarrett 02:47:45
Linzi Beckett 02:47:45
Marian Austin 02:56:17
Lucy Nevison 02:58:31
Zeemon Erhardt 02:58:31
Ruairidh MacMaster 03:21:10
Andrew MacMaster 03:21:12
Kenny McIntyre 03:24:55
Lorrainne Wheelen 04:37:49
David Exeter 04:37:51
Doug Little 04:37:50
Mark Clark dnf
James Exeter dnf
Hilary Tresidder dnf
Kai Tresidder dnf