Minutes of the committee meeting 08/02/22


West Highland Wheelers Committee Meeting – Tuesday the 8th of February on Zoom.

Present – Doug Little, Gill Barnes, Gregor Muir, Jacqui Parfitt, Dave Parfitt, Steve Bradley, Norma Marshall.

Apologies – Marian Austin, Norman Clark, Jodie Standen

Winter League;

  • All good to go for Strontian (organised by Joseph Tait) and Wolftrax (organised by Ian and Ailsa Pooleman)
  • The last race in the series is currently down for Nevis Range on the 24th of April as an enduro. This is not possible as the Scottish Enduro series is on that weekend at Nevis Range. Nevis Range have said that an enduro style race is not feasible for them at any time in April as they have events going on. Doug needs to check if it would however be possible to run a XC event up there during April.
  • If we do not use Nevis Range , then it is an option to have the final race and BBQ at Glen Loy on the 24th of April. This would need to be an XC type race rather than an enduro.
  • It was agreed that the final standings for the Winter League would be based on the final number of races run minus 2 (ie riders can discard their worst 2 races).
  • It was agreed that only riders who are members of the Wheelers can score points in the Winter League races.
  • There is a new visitor services ranger in Torlundy who now asks for a form to be filled in for all the rounds.


  • It would be good for the last Winter League race to be incorporated into the festival. If need be, however, it could be separate.
  • Lochaber Wheeled Sports Society are keen to run a couple of events to help raise funds and also encourage the feeling of community involvement in the pump track. One of these would possibly be a pumpathon type event on one of the blues at Nevis Range. It would be good to incorporate this into a festival week. They are also keen to hold a film night/raffle/bingo night at the Highland Soap Factory Café. Again, it would be good to incorporate this into the festival week.
  • The date for the festival week will obviously depend on possible dates for the above events. Doug to make further enquiries with Nevis Range and Mandy Watson to confirm dates ASAP.
  • It would be good to obviously have a road based event during the week (possibly the first of this years time trials!)
  • It would be good if we could hold a dual slalom race at Corpach. Gill says that the original course has been fenced off, but there is a different course higher up. We need to clarify what permissions might be necessary for this. Gill has very kindly offered for everyone to come back to her house for refreshments afterwards.
  • All ideas for other events are welcome.


Scottish Enduro Series race at Nevis Range on the 23rd and 24th of April.

  • We have been asked to help with organising junior races for this event. These would be held on the Saturday. Doug, Gregor and Ruari have a meeting with Kerry from The Scottish Enduro Series to discuss this further on Thursday.

The Wheelers Shed at Nevis Range.

  • Due to all the new developments at Nevis Range, we have been asked to move the shed elsewhere. We are not sure exactly where to yet. Nevis Range have offered help in moving it (with the proviso that they are not held responsible if it should fall apart!)
  • Doug will try to have a meeting with Eliza at NR in the next few days to discuss the logistics involved.

Involvement with the pump track.

  • Things are progressing quite rapidly with the pump track, with work hopefully due to start in the Spring.
  • More funding is needed, and the pump track Committee have been busy putting in multiple funding applications. Two of these are with Waste Management companies who will give out grants, provided that a third party pays them 10% of what they donate. The Committee agreed by email that the Wheelers would be happy to act as this third party. The pump track committee have said that they would reimburse the Wheelers for the whole of these payments if that is what the club decides to ask for. It is by no means certain that the pump track will even be successful with these applications , but in the event that they do then the club need to agree as to what long term contribution the club wishes to make towards the funding ( i.e what percentage of the third party money that we put forward do we ask to be reimbursed). It was agreed that we need to come up with a consensus for this at committee level and then get consensus from the general club. It was agreed that, due to a potential conflict of interests,Gregor should not be present at the Committee Meeting to decide any amount donated.

Wednesday Night Rides.

  • Numbers are down at the moment, but it is fair to say that the weather has been pretty bad so far this year, and numbers will hopefully improve once the lighter nights come back.
  • It would perhaps be good to have a push for Wednesday night rides during festival week. Possibly a café night at NR?
  • Gregor is going to re add Invergarry to the venues list. He is keen to hear about any other suggestions.




  • James Brasher from Scottish Cycling is keen to come along and do some filming of Jacqui with her ladies group. He is keen to use it as an example for other clubs. No date has been set for this
  • There is currently a grant of £9800 in the Wheelers account to get the electric trishaw project underway. At the present time the lady who initially wanted to run the project has pulled back a bit, so we need to possibly start looking for someone else willing to spearhead the project, or in the worst case scenario return the cash .
  • It was agreed that virtual meetings still have an important part to play for the committee. Rather than paying for a zoom account we shall try to use Microsoft office or google meet.


Next Meeting– Tuesday the 22nd of March at 7.00