Final winter league race – Nevis rANGE 02/04/23


Many thanks to Steve Bradley for organising a great finale to this year’s Winter League. It was great to see such a good turnout for the race and as ever there was some fierce racing on show. James Shirley sabotaged Liam’s rear wheel to the win in the main race, Lily won the ladies and Foss won the e bikes. Many thanks to Bridget for doing the timing, Sue for doing the cooking, Kenny for donating such delicious burgers from Letterfinlay Foods, and Marian and Lyn for bringing along amazing tray bakes. Roll on next year!

Main Race Results;

Junior Race Results;

Under 12 boys – 1st Joseph, 2nd Archie

Under 10 boys – 1st Fraser, 2nd Kaiden

Under 10 girls – 1st Charley.

Under 8 boys – 1st Alastair, 2nd Archie, 3rd Kai, 4th Jack.

Under 6 girls – 1st Bella.




Winter league round 7 – wolftrax 19/03/23

Great racing at wolftrax today for the winter league from both young and old! Many thanks to Lance, Stewart and Doug for organising and to Jacqui and Claire for doing the timekeeping. To celebrate Mother’s Day the ladies race included an additional loop up to the top of the Orange, aka the Gill Barnes special 🤣. The next and final race of this year’s Winter League will be at Nevis Range on Sunday the 2nd of April. Steve Bradley is organising this race and it will be an XC loop this year rather than an enduro – you have been warned! This race will be followed by a BBQ and the prizegiving.

Adults Race Results

1. AJ MacDonald 34.34 (e-bike)

2. Liam Moynihan 35.46

3. Stewart MacMillan 36.31 ( e-bike)

4. Lance Marshall 42.06 ( e-bike)

5. Ben Miller 43.11

6. Daniel Parfitt 45.04

7. Scott Rodger 46.07

8. Alexander Pervan 47.53

9. Gregor Muir 48.48

10. Ian Pooleman 52.59

11. Colin Mactavish 55.45

12. Cameron Bungey 1.03.40

13. Doug Little 1.12.09 (e-bike and sign collector)

14. (1st last long course) Gill Barnes 1.23.09

Junior Race Results;

U12 Boys

🥇 Joseph

U10 Boys

🥇 Jethro

🥈 Fraser

🥉 Kaiden

U10 Girls

🥇 Charley

U8 Boys

🥇 Kai

🥈 Archie R

winter league round 6 – barcaldine 26/02/23

Many thanks to North Argyll Cycling Club for organising a great race and some fantastic weather for Sunday. Fair to say that there were a few hills involved! The next race is at Wolftrax on Sunday the 19th of March.

Winter League round 5 – invergarry 05/02/23

No snow this year, but still a very chilly day. Many thanks to Vince for organising another cracking course. Thanks also to Cammie for doing the timekeeping and to Stewart for marshalling. Congratulations to Ben Miller for being first male, to Lily Cant for being first female and Leon Simms for being the first e biker. See the slide below for the full results. The next race is being run by North Argyll Cycling Club at Barcaldine on Sunday the 26th of Feb.

Junior Race results;

Under 12 boys

  1. Joseph ( 2 laps)
  2. Archie

Under 10 girls

  1. Charley

Under 10 boys

  1. Fraser
  2. Kaiden

Under 8 boys

  1. Alistair



Winter League round 4 -Glen loy 15/01/23

Many thanks to Mark and Katie for hosting round 4 of the Winter League at their Croft in Glen Loy. As ever, Mark devised an interesting, unusual and highly enjoyable short course which include a bit of everything ( including a river crossing, a good bit of bog and mud, a fierce climb and a giant slalom course!)Cake and refreshments in the warm and cosy caravan were very much appreciated. Hats of to Bo Barnes for launching himself at everything in his way and leaving his mum trailing in his wake! The next race is at Invergarry on the 5th of February.


  1. A.J. MacDonald 10 Laps 46.16 – 1st ebike male
  2. Stewart MacMillan 9 laps 48.38 – 2nd e-bike male
  3. Campbell Mackintosh 8 laps 48.01- 1st male ( 1st junior)
  4. Lance Marshall 8 laps 48.34 – 3rd ebike male
  5. Doug Little 8 laps 48.36 – 4th ebike male
  6. Ben Miller 8 laps 51.33 – 2nd male
  7. Alexander Pervan 7 laps 49.43 3rd male ( 2nd junior)
  8. Gregor Muir 7 laps 50.02 – 4th male
  9. Graeme Corner 6 laps 48.31 – 5th Male
  10. Colin MacTavish 6 laps 50.36 – 6th male
  11. Andy Rogers 6 laps 53.20 – 7th male
  12. Fiona Beattie 5 laps + one pit stop to help Bo 44.40 – 1st Female
  13. Gill Barnes 5 laps 54.25 – 2nd female
  14. Cameron Bungey 4 laps 45.47 – 8th male ( 3rd junior)

Kid’s race

Under 12 boys – 1st Joseph, 2nd Archie

Under 10 girls – 1st Charley

Under 10 boys – 1st Jethro. 2nd Kaiden

Under 6 boys – 1st Bo

Winter League Round 3 27/12/22- The Clare Mackintosh Memorial

Definitely Wintry weather for round 3 of the League. Well done to all of those who braved the snow and cold. Vince and Cammie set up a nice technical loop which was made extra spicy by the snowy conditions. Cammie stormed to victory to get his hands on the antler trophy. Many thanks to Vince and Cammie for setting and marking the course, to Jacqui for doing the timing and Leon and Jack for manning the soup kitchen. A huge thank you also to everyone who contributed towards the £166.41 raised for Marie Curie. The next race is at Glen Loy on the 15th of January and is being run by Mark Clark.


1 AJ MacDonald 4 laps 00:53:46 1st Ebike male 00:15:29 00:12:43 00:12:43 00:12:51
2 Stewart MacMillan 4 laps 00:55:43 2nd Ebike male 00:15:48 00:12:48 00:13:39 00:13:28
3 Campbell MacKintosh 4 laps 00:57:42 1st male (1st Jm) 00:16:42 00:13:37 00:13:30 00:13:53
4 Alasdair MacLennan 3 laps 00:45:23 2nd male 00:17:08 00:14:12 00:14:03
5 Doug Little 3 laps 00:47:00 3rd Ebike male 00:17:50 00:14:36 00:14:34
6 Ben Miller 3 laps 00:48:02 3rd male 00:17:58 00:15:07 00:14:57
7 Daniel Parfitt 3 laps 00:49:48 4th male (2nd Jm) 00:18:41 00:15:53 00:15:14
8 James Tedham 3 laps 00:53:03 5th male 00:20:09 00:16:15 00:16:39
9 Gregor Muir 3 laps 00:55:40 6th male 00:20:42 00:16:53 00:18:05
10 Cole Jackson 3 laps 00:57:30 7th male (3rd Jm) 00:20:54 00:18:01 00:18:35
11 Colin MacTavish 3 laps 00:58:17 8th male 00:21:50 00:18:08 00:18:19
12 George Maitland 3 laps 01:00:27 9th male 00:22:46 00:18:58 00:18:43
13 Joseph Tait 3 laps 01:03:21 10th male (4th Jm) 00:23:36 00:20:14 00:19:31
14 Lily Cant 3 laps 01:03:32 1st female (1st Jf) 00:23:20 00:20:10 00:20:02
15 Robbie Cant 3 laps 01:03:38 11th male 00:23:21 00:20:15 00:20:02
16 Isla Cant 2 laps 00:45:36 2nd female (2nd Jf) 00:24:30 00:21:06
17 Alexander Pervan 2 laps 00:46:40 12th male (5th Jm) 00:23:59 00:22:41
18 Andy Rodgers 2 laps 00:46:45 13th male 00:25:38 00:21:07
19 Gill Barnes 2 laps 00:47:05 3rd female 00:25:53 00:21:12
20 Jessica Acheson 2 laps 00:52:41 4th female 00:29:52 00:22:49
21 Cameron Bungey 2 laps 01:00:05 14th male (6th Jm) 00:35:10 00:24:55
Ally MacPherson DNF – mechanical

04/12/22 Winter league round 2 Achaderry Estate

On a dry but cold day 26 riders took part in the main race and 10 took part in the junior race, in the 2nd of this years Winter League series. This was a new new venue for the Winter League and was hosted by Leon Simms. The amount of effort that Leon put into organising the course and hosting was very much appreciated by everyone! Fair to say that this was a good old fashioned xc winter league race with some fierce climbs, almost unrideable bog and lots and lots of mud! Many thanks to Lance and Ruari for all their efforts in putting together the course and thanks to everyone else that helped with marshalling and timekeeping.

Main race results;

1 AJ MacDonald 4laps 01:04:52 1st Ebike male
2 James Shirley 4laps 01:08:22 1st senior male
3 Stewart MacMillan 4laps 01:08:42 2nd Ebike male
4 Campbell MacKintosh 4laps 01:11:14 1st Junior male
5 Ruari Watt 4laps 01:12:51 2nd Senior male
6 Alasdair MacLennan 4laps 01:15:39 3rd Senior male
7 Daniel Parfitt 3laps 01:00:10 2nd Junior male
8 Scott Rodger 3laps 01:02:23 4th Senior male
9 Ben Miller 3laps 01:04:33 5th Senior male
10 Aaron Tresidder 3laps 01:05:01 3rd Junior male
11 Es Tresidder 3laps 01:05:02 6th Senior male
12 John Shirley 3laps 01:06:25 7th Senior male
13 Gregor Muir 3laps 01:07:57 8th Senior male
14 Colin MacTavish 3laps 01:14:26 1st over 70
15 Lily Cant 3laps 01:17:12 1st junior female
16 Robbie Cant 3laps 01:17:17 9th senior male
17 Foss 3laps 01:18:25 10th senior male
18 Nix Forster 3laps 01:22:27 1st senior female
19 Isla Cant 3laps 01:24:52 2nd junior female
20 Andy Rodgers 3laps 01:30:07 11th senior male
21 Doug Little 2laps 0:38:42 3rd Ebike male
22 Gill Barnes 2laps 00:58:31 2nd senior female
23 Cameron Bungey 2laps 00:58:52 4th junior male
24 Marian Austin 2laps 01:09:16 3rd senior female
25 Norma Gregory 1lap 01:02:27 1st Ebike female
26 Lance Marshall 1lap 01:02:28 4th Ebike male

Junior race results;


Joseph 1st

Archie K 2nd


Calum 1st

Jethro 2nd

Fraser 3rd


Charley 1st


Kai 1st

Harris 2nd

Alistair 3rd

Archie R 4th

Winter League 2022/23 Round 1 @Nevis Range

Well done to the 24 riders who took part in the main race and the 10 who took part in the junior race. A special mention has to go Isla and Lily Cant for completing the Cour Loop on a tandem ( despite reports of some initial fall outs!) Many thanks to Marian for organising the race and to Jacqui, Claire, Dave, Lorraine, Will and Es who helped with marshalling, timekeeping and providing much needed warm refreshments. The next race is on the 4th of December at a new venue – Achaderry Estate in RoyBridge and is being run by Lance and Leon. More details will be posted nearer the date on facebook.

Main Race Results;
AJ Macdonald 52:24:00 1st Ebike male
Jamie Gall 55:20:00 1st male
Stewart MacMillan 55:22:00 Ebike
Mike Bossard 56:33:00
Nick Charlton 56:49:00
Neil Wright 57:59:00
Alastair Maclennan 58:02:00
Ben Miller 58:14:00
Gregor Muir 63:52:00
Marie Meldrum 65:22:00 1st Female
Aaron Tresidder 67:12:00 First Junior Male
Es Tresidder 67:19:00
Colin MacTavish 71:17:00 shorter route: 1st over 70
Scott Rodgers 73:35:00
Nix Forster 75:10:00
Daniel Missen 77:46:00 non member
Gill Barnes 83:02:00
Damian Forster 83:08:00
Lance Marshall 86:24:00 Ebike
Emma Pearce 87:10:00
Isla and Lily Cant 94:23:00 Tandem and first junior females
Robbie Cant 94:37:00
Norma Gregory 97:05:00 1st Ebike female

Junior Race results;

Joseph 1st U12 Boy

Archie 2nd U12 Boy

Jethro 1st U10 Boy

Kaiden 2nd U10 Boy

Charley 1st U10 Girl

Ashleigh 2nd U10 Girl

Kai 1st U8 Boy

Alistair 2nd U8 Boy

Archie 3rd U8 Boy

Gabriel 1st U6 Boy