Joe Barnes, Pro Rider, Dudes of Hazzard Legend

I have been a member of the Wheelers for 18 years now, spanning my whole career of racing bikes. Becoming a member was a great introduction to the sport and I was always proud to represent in my club jersey for my first few year’s racing. I achieved UK National podiums in youth and junior categories and took the jersey and club name onto the World Cup Downhill scene while competing at numerous rounds, including my home round of Fort William where I placed 66th place at the age of 17. The club’s winter XC league has provided an excellent training ground for my international career and the extra support linked through Nevis Range has made a huge difference for my preparation also. I have been fortunate that through this support and local encouragement I have had a brilliant time racing my bike and achieved many of my racing goals by becoming multi-time National Champion and multi-time Enduro World Series podium finisher. 

I am now proud to also sign my son up to the club, to meet and ride with other kids and find a pathway of enjoyment in the sport for him, like I have done.