04/12/22 Winter league round 2 Achaderry Estate

On a dry but cold day 26 riders took part in the main race and 10 took part in the junior race, in the 2nd of this years Winter League series. This was a new new venue for the Winter League and was hosted by Leon Simms. The amount of effort that Leon put into organising the course and hosting was very much appreciated by everyone! Fair to say that this was a good old fashioned xc winter league race with some fierce climbs, almost unrideable bog and lots and lots of mud! Many thanks to Lance and Ruari for all their efforts in putting together the course and thanks to everyone else that helped with marshalling and timekeeping.

Main race results;

1 AJ MacDonald 4laps 01:04:52 1st Ebike male
2 James Shirley 4laps 01:08:22 1st senior male
3 Stewart MacMillan 4laps 01:08:42 2nd Ebike male
4 Campbell MacKintosh 4laps 01:11:14 1st Junior male
5 Ruari Watt 4laps 01:12:51 2nd Senior male
6 Alasdair MacLennan 4laps 01:15:39 3rd Senior male
7 Daniel Parfitt 3laps 01:00:10 2nd Junior male
8 Scott Rodger 3laps 01:02:23 4th Senior male
9 Ben Miller 3laps 01:04:33 5th Senior male
10 Aaron Tresidder 3laps 01:05:01 3rd Junior male
11 Es Tresidder 3laps 01:05:02 6th Senior male
12 John Shirley 3laps 01:06:25 7th Senior male
13 Gregor Muir 3laps 01:07:57 8th Senior male
14 Colin MacTavish 3laps 01:14:26 1st over 70
15 Lily Cant 3laps 01:17:12 1st junior female
16 Robbie Cant 3laps 01:17:17 9th senior male
17 Foss 3laps 01:18:25 10th senior male
18 Nix Forster 3laps 01:22:27 1st senior female
19 Isla Cant 3laps 01:24:52 2nd junior female
20 Andy Rodgers 3laps 01:30:07 11th senior male
21 Doug Little 2laps 0:38:42 3rd Ebike male
22 Gill Barnes 2laps 00:58:31 2nd senior female
23 Cameron Bungey 2laps 00:58:52 4th junior male
24 Marian Austin 2laps 01:09:16 3rd senior female
25 Norma Gregory 1lap 01:02:27 1st Ebike female
26 Lance Marshall 1lap 01:02:28 4th Ebike male

Junior race results;


Joseph 1st

Archie K 2nd


Calum 1st

Jethro 2nd

Fraser 3rd


Charley 1st


Kai 1st

Harris 2nd

Alistair 3rd

Archie R 4th