Winter lEAGUE 23/24 rOUND 2 – nEVIS RANGE

A very well done to the 3 kids who braved the weather for todays kids race, only a second seperated Harris Thomson, 1st in 10 mins 26secs and Kaiden Springett 2nd in 10 minutes and 27 secs. Thea Thomson was 1st female in 13 minutes and 2 seconds.

The main race was a challenge to beat the weather coming in! Well done to all 20 competitors, full results in attached spreadsheet.

Liam Moynihan took overall non ebiker and held of Stewart MacMillan for 5 laps with the ebike finally managing to edge into the lead by 20 secs on the 6th and final lap, joining Stewart and Liam on 6 laps were James Shirley (3rd overall, 2nd male non ebike), and Doug Little (4th, 2nd ebike).

Lance Marshall took 5th (3rd ebike) in 5 laps followed by James Tedham (3rd male non ebike) Ben Miller, Gavin Shirley, Oli Warlow and Gavin Maclean.

Mark Clark was first to finish overall managing 4 laps in just over the 45 minute cut off time (8th male non ebiker) closely followed by 1st U18 Alexander Pervan, Katie Maclennan (1st female), Euan Fundingsland, Jessica Acheson and Andy Rogers all also managed 4 laps with Gill Barnes, Geraldine Springett, Marian Austin and Jenny Beattie completing 3 laps each.

Thanks to Vince Mackintosh for planning a great course and to Doug, Andy, Marian and Jacqui for stepping in to set up the course and do timing after Storm Gerrits trail of destruction meant Vince had to pull out to help with the Invergarry clear up .

Thanks also to Eileen Ross for providing delicious hot soup and christmas cake for the finish. Not the nicest weather to collect donations in after the race(!) but we did manage to raise £63 for charity, thanks to everyone who donated

1st-Stewart MacMillan 1st m ebike 6 laps – 49mins 50 secs
2nd -Liam Moynihan 1st m 6 laps 50mins 10 secs
3rd-James Shirley 2nd m 6 laps 51mins 04 secs
4th -Doug Little 2nd m ebike 6 laps 52 mins 09 secs
5th -Lance Marshall 3rd m ebike 5 laps 45mins 20 secs
6th -James Tedham 3rd m 5 laps 51mins 37 secs
7th -Ben Miller 4th m 5 laps 52 mins 10 secs
8th -Gavin Shirley 5th m 5 laps 52 mins 44 secs
9th -Oli Warlow 6th m 5 laps 52 mins 53secs
10th -Gavin Maclean 7th m 5 laps 54 mins 23secs
11th -Mark Clark 8th m 4 laps 45 mins 09 secs
12th -Alexander Pervan 1st male junior 4 laps 47mins 27 secs
13th -Katie Maclennan 1st f 4laps 51mins 27 secs
14th -Euan Fundigsland 9th m 4 laps 51mins 42 secs
15th -Jessica Acheson 2nd f 4 laps 59mins 10 secs
16th -Andy Rogers 10th m 4 laps 60 mins 30 secs
17th -Gill Barnes 3rd f 3 laps 45mins 33secs
18th -Geraldine Springett 4th f 3 laps 45mins 42 secs
19th -Marian Austin 5th f 3 laps 47mins 04 secs
Jenny Beattie 6th f 3 laps 47mins 40 secs