Winter League 23/24 rOUND 3 sUTHERLAND’S gROVE 14/01/24

Many thanks to North Argyll Cycling Club for organising round 3 of the Winter League at Sutherland’s Grove on 14th January 2024. A lovely crisp winter’s day, with occasional slidey episodes and an apparent defiance of the laws of nature in that there appeared to be more uphill than downhill! The next race is on Sunday the 11th of February at Achaderry Estate, Roy Bridge



1st 🥇 – Matiss Robertson 52:25

2nd🥈– Michael Bossard 54:43

3rd 🥉– Ewan Dowd 57:10


1st 🥇– Lily Cant – 01:14:45

2nd🥈– Katie Maclennan 01:17:00

3rd 🥉– Isla Cant – 01:26:05


1st 🥇– AJ MacDonald 44:30

2nd🥈– Stuart Macmillan 50:20

3rd 🥉– Doug Little 53:45


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