Winter league round 4 – achaderry estate roybridge 11/02/24

A great turnout for Sunday’s Winter League race at Achaderry Estate, Roy Bridge. A testing XC course with plenty of lung busting climbs, bottomless bog and mud – all with the reward of some lovely handcrafted descent. Only 3 riders managed to complete 4 laps in the allotted time – AJ, Liam and James. Despite running out of battery on his last lap AJ came home first. There was a great battle behind him between Liam and James, with James finally managing to pull away on the last 2 laps. Once again, a special mention has to go to Aaron Tressider for being the 1st junior and 6th overall. 8 youngsters also took part in a junior race with Kai Tressider coming home with the fastest time. Well done to Archie and Innes MacDonald for completing the course despite having turned up expecting to compete in an Athletic Club winter league race! Many thanks to Leon for hosting the event and providing such great facilities and to Ruari for organising (and building!) the course. A huge thanks also to James for handing out so much free gear. The next race is at Wolftrax on the 3rd of March.

   Lap 1Lap 2Lap3Lap4Total
1stAJ MacDonald1st e-bike18.3818.0017.5219.041:13:34
2ndJames Shirley1st Male19.0019.3419.4019.551:18:11
3rdLiam Moynihan2nd Male19.0119.3419.5820.571:19:30
4thStewart MacMillan2nd e-bike20.3720.1521.45 1:02:37
5thRuari Watt3rd Male21.2522.3625.15 1:09:14
6thAaron Tressider1st Junior22.5323.3725.17 1:11:52
7thJames Tedham 24.0724.3125.25 1:14:03
8thSorley Swabey 22.5526.3126.38 1:16:04
9thAlexander Pervan2nd junior23.4926.0129.22 1:19:12
10thKatie Maclennan1st Lady28.3830.1135.10 1:33.59
11thLance Marshall3rd e-bike24.5024.1045.30 1:34.30
12thLily Cant2nd Lady +2nd Junior28.1030.2836.53 1:35:41
13thRobbie Cant 28.1230.2736.53 1:35:42
14thNathan Marsh 29.0531.21  1:00:26
15thGregor Muir 29.3432.39  1:02:13
16thIsla Cant3rd Lady +3rd junior31.2534.06  1:05:31
17thFinn Watt 34.5834.15  1:09:13
18thCameron Bungey 34.2634.52  1:09:18
19thGill Barnes 34.2836.37  1:11:05
20thMathew Daly 36.2134.50  1:11:11
21stAndy Rogers 35.0737.33  1:12:40
22ndAva Marsh 35.3438.56  1:14:30
23rdJess Acheson 40.5542.50  1:23:45
24thMarian Austin 42.2045.41  1:28:01
1stScott Rodger 25.1523.3528.31 1:17:21

Junior Race

Under 9’s

1st -Kai Tressider 9:09

2nd -Alistair Cant 10:30

3rd – Harris Thompson 10:51

4th -Archie Rodger 11.17

12’s and under

1st – Calum Watt 10:27

2nd equal – Lia Marsh and Archie MacDonald 10.49

4th -Innes MacDonald 18:18