Thanks to Mark Clark for organising a great race for the final winter league and thanks to everyone for coming along be it to race, help out, provide a taxi service for kids or cheer folk round the course.

The kids race created a great finish to the league in the under 10s with Harris Thompson taking the win with Alistair Cant close behind throughout in 2nd place. This meant that the overall league title was shared 3 ways between Kai Tresidder, Harris and Alistair, well done boys, great racing throughout the league series this year. In U12s Kaiden Springett took the win and overall u12 league winner. Big well done to 3 year old Inga giving the race a go on her balance bike too.

In the main race Stewart MacMillan (on his ebike) was the only person to manage 9 laps taking victory and winning the ebike category in the league, Liam Moynihan, with 8 laps, was the fastest non ebike and 2nd place overall, the win placing him 1st in the series. Lily Cant held her dad Robbie off throughout the race to finish 8th overall and 1st female, taking the league series title. Robbie held on for 9th place which was enough to give him joint 3rd in the series with James Shirley (4th overall today and 2nd non ebike) (Ben Miller was 5th overall today/ 3rd non ebike and placed 2nd in the league series) Isla Cant took 2nd female… great to see junior girls racing in the main race and and Katy Maclennan took 3rd female giving her 2nd place in the series overall.


1 Stewart MacMillan 9 00:44:40 1st e bike
2 Liam Moynihan 8 00:40:53 1st male
3 Lance Marshall 8 00:41:48 2nd e bike
4 James Shirley 8 00:43:23 2nd male
5 Doug Little 8 00:44:45 3rd e bike
6 Ben Miller 7 00:44:28 3rd male
7 Ben Thompson 7 00:45:30 4th male
8 Lily Cant 6 00:40:07 1st female (junior)
9 Robbie Cant 6 00:40:19 5th male
10 Gregor Muir 6 00:43:04 6th male
11 Isla Cant 6 0:43:19 2nd female (junior)
12 Damien Forster 6 00:44:22 7th male
13 Zeemon Erhardt6 0:46:27 8th male
14 Nix Forster 6 00:47:40 3rd female
15 Katy Maclennan 5 0:41:41 4th female
16 Andy Rogers 5 0:41:02 9th male
17 Henry Cairns 5 0:42:24 10th male
18 Fiona Thompson 5 0:43:27 5th female
19 Bronagh Wishart5 0:46:42 6th female
20 Gill Barnes 5 00:47:26 7th female
21 Marian Austin 4 00:42:14 8th female