Winter League 2022/23 Round 1 @Nevis Range

Well done to the 24 riders who took part in the main race and the 10 who took part in the junior race. A special mention has to go Isla and Lily Cant for completing the Cour Loop on a tandem ( despite reports of some initial fall outs!) Many thanks to Marian for organising the race and to Jacqui, Claire, Dave, Lorraine, Will and Es who helped with marshalling, timekeeping and providing much needed warm refreshments. The next race is on the 4th of December at a new venue – Achaderry Estate in RoyBridge and is being run by Lance and Leon. More details will be posted nearer the date on facebook.

Main Race Results;
AJ Macdonald 52:24:00 1st Ebike male
Jamie Gall 55:20:00 1st male
Stewart MacMillan 55:22:00 Ebike
Mike Bossard 56:33:00
Nick Charlton 56:49:00
Neil Wright 57:59:00
Alastair Maclennan 58:02:00
Ben Miller 58:14:00
Gregor Muir 63:52:00
Marie Meldrum 65:22:00 1st Female
Aaron Tresidder 67:12:00 First Junior Male
Es Tresidder 67:19:00
Colin MacTavish 71:17:00 shorter route: 1st over 70
Scott Rodgers 73:35:00
Nix Forster 75:10:00
Daniel Missen 77:46:00 non member
Gill Barnes 83:02:00
Damian Forster 83:08:00
Lance Marshall 86:24:00 Ebike
Emma Pearce 87:10:00
Isla and Lily Cant 94:23:00 Tandem and first junior females
Robbie Cant 94:37:00
Norma Gregory 97:05:00 1st Ebike female

Junior Race results;

Joseph 1st U12 Boy

Archie 2nd U12 Boy

Jethro 1st U10 Boy

Kaiden 2nd U10 Boy

Charley 1st U10 Girl

Ashleigh 2nd U10 Girl

Kai 1st U8 Boy

Alistair 2nd U8 Boy

Archie 3rd U8 Boy

Gabriel 1st U6 Boy